Saturday, December 25, 2010

More of Dumas

'Perhaps that's because I'm not obliged to marry his daughter,' Albert said laughing.

'Really, my dear sir,' said Monte Cristo, 'You are disgustingly smug.'

'I? Smug?'

'Yes, you. Have a cigar.'

'Thank you. So why am I smug?'

-Dumas, The Count-

I'd say that this quoted conversation between to cigar smokers reflects many conversations we have had ourselves. Perhaps if we had a change of topic to something like movies and replace the descriptive word "smug" with "douche". It would nearly be an exact account of our relationships.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tobacco Poem I by Creed Thie

As the long year makes quickened haste away,
As Christmastide sets in, and snow floats down
From firmaments above the frosty land,
It is a time to set oneself at rest.
I sit upon a fading patterned chair
Of yellow weave, with graven wood-carved arms,
And smoke a balmy pipe with calmest breath.
A fine tobacco simmers in its heart
Filling the winter air with wafts of grey.
The tree illuminates the peaceful room
While chill pervades the darkness out of doors.
It is a time to lay aside one's pangs:
It is a time to to end the weary year.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Evan Gunn's Tobacco Poem #5

I saw you in sorrow, sniffling alone,
And twiddling your thumbs, tense with a stare.
Though blank you'd been, clearly had shown,
Your lady had left for a man with more hair.

Approaching I noticed a pale cold face,
But more so than past thy hairless hollowed head.
A wig as a gift, it couldn't give grace,
Exaggerated features, I'd prefer to be dead.

I reached into pocket to proffer a leaf,
Eyes lit like coals for the fine Henry Clay.
Pronounced as a soldier, sword out of sheath,
My ol' buddy smoker was himself again.

"Remember, you can display more brotherly feeling in the way you proffer a cigar than in a world of nice words and small loans." -John Bain

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A quote for this blag

'So," Franz asked him, 'What do you think of the Count of Monte Cristo?'
'What do I think!' Albert said, clearly astonished that his friend should even ask such a question. 'I think he is a charming man, a wonderful host, someone who has seen a lot, studied a lot and thought a lot, who belongs like Brutus to the Stoic school, and - ' he added, allowing a voluptuous puff of smoke to escape from his lips and spiral up towards the ceiling, 'Someone, who in addition to all that, has the most excellent cigars.'

-Alexandre Dumas, from the obvious