Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Black Cav'

O how I am a fool to praise, and e'en to ever dream
To hold such flighty fancy towards the taste of Peach n' Cream.
The fruit-scent bowls were but a yoke- alas! self-bound to bear-
Toxic and foul- thus I return unto a smoke most fair.

'Tis sweet to taste, and quite calm-flavored, and cheap on the bill
And scented with the smoothest hint of tastiest Vanill'.
It is a great tobacco, weak yet noble, mine to have:
My longing draws me towards the virtues of Black Cav'.

A puff of it, and fondest, sweetest memories return
From yet a single light, the bowl doth deign to fully burn.
It was the finest pipe-smoke that I'd ever wish to have;
Reliable as always, the most excellent Black Cav'.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sitting vs. Smoking

I guess we are all twice as dead now. Here is an article why.

Sitting vs. Smoking